Dirty Filters Make It Hard for Your System to Run Efficiently


Our energy systems are under a high level of stress, whether it’s from running your air conditioning all summer long or keeping your home warm during the winter. We need to be wary of the extent to which we use any HVAC system if we want it to hold us dear company for many years. After all, no one really likes to put their hard earned money on the table every so often, for problems, which at the end of the day are quite preventable.

You can reduce the pressure on your energy system by cleaning the internal filters. It’s always advisable to have an expert in heating maintenance Elizabeth, CO to help you maximize the value of your investment. This is a quick and easy task that’ll help maximize energy performance and ensure your system stays in good working order.

Did you know dirty and corroded filters are one of the most common reasons for a breakdown?

Cleaning the filters is pretty much the holy grail of energy system maintenance. When you call out a company, the first thing they usually check is the filter. Well, kind of – we tend to check a plethora of parameters as well to ensure the best results for our clients!

Dirty Filters Cause High Utility Bills

If you experience high energy bills you probably haven’t considered that it could be due to lack of maintenance. Instead, people are usually quick to blame energy suppliers and even the weather!

But when you think about it, it makes sense that if the filters are dirty your energy system has to work harder to circulate air throughout your home.

It’s common for most people to think their systems are broken or on the way out when they have to turn the temperature right up or run their system almost constantly to get the environment they desire.

Cleaning is one of the best ways to optimize your energy system without having to pay out for new products and many people find that this leads to them not using their system as much and so the bills quickly drop.


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How Often and How To Change A Filter

While different heating and air products will require different types of filters it’s pretty simple and inexpensive to change them.

The filters will be located inside your return, usually inside the unit itself or in the wall panels if you have them.

Just open up the return, remove the old filter, place in the new one following the directional arrows to ensure proper airflow and make sure it’s secure and then close the return. All done!

It’s best to change your filter once a month if you’re using it regularly and give it a clean weekly if you can and monthly if you’re feeling lazy! Avoid putting household items too close to your energy system as these can obstruct airflow and cause faster buildups.

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