Furnace Maintenance Service in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO & Surrounding Areas

Yes, you took the leap, you outlaid capital and added a furnace and heating system to your home. This will definitely increase the price tag attached to your home, and will enhance the lifestyle and comfort of your family. Your job, however, does not end there. In order for your system to provide consistent, satisfactory service to you, you need to look after that system. Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning can be given that responsibility. We know furnace and heating systems, and we know how to care for them. Strange sounds, weird smells, don’t fret, pick up the phone and contact us now. One of our friendly staff members is waiting to make your day. Coombs is the best way to go for Furnace Maintenance Service in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO.

Number One For HVAC Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance ServiceYour furnace needs regular maintenance to prevent damage, breakdowns, and repairs. Preventive maintenance is your way of putting the brakes on small niggles before they have a chance to develop into large, costly repairs. Our technicians are on hand to undertake full maintenance checks on your furnace. A thorough maintenance check should take approximately 90 minutes to complete, but it is 90 minutes worth spending time and money on.

Regular Preventative Maintenance

Our staff will check your furnace for cracks, flaws, and wear and tear. We will test for gas leaks that could have catastrophic results. Gas leaks of carbon monoxide may go undetected as there is no odor, however, if inhaled in large quantities, it can be fatal to your family and your pets. Explosions are a very real possibility when gas leaks are present. Undertaking regular maintenance on your furnace will ensure the safety of your family, and keep your home filled with constant, consistent warm air. We offer preventive maintenance packages that allows us to take the pressure off of you. We will record your services and keep a note of when the next is due. We will contact you to confirm a date and time.

Experienced and Professional HVAC Technicians

We have been in the business since 1998. 18 Years of experience is something that is hard to find in this ever changing world. We know the value of your comfort and safety, and we are here to serve you to the best of our abilities. Trained, professional, and courteous staff are a constant reminder of how valued you are to us. Our workmanship and products cannot be faulted, as our growing list of satisfied customers will tell you. Our experience and expertise within the trade cannot be matched and we are proud of our innovation and willingness to explore new techniques and products, in order to serve you, our customers, better.

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