Furnace Repair Service in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO & Surrounding Areas

We all know how temperamental your heating system can be. Wear and tear is bound to happen, even if you have been religious about preventive maintenance. Moving parts will always break down at some point. When they do, Coombs is here to rescue you, and your equipment. Coombs is the way to go when in need of Furnace Repair Service in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO.

Furnace Repair Specialists

Furnace Repair ServiceCoombs Heating and Air Conditioning have been providing our community with heat since 1998. We are well-versed in the operation of furnaces and are easily able to evaluate your home and provide a suitable furnace to heat your home efficiently. Skilled and trained staff are what gives us the edge in the industry. We are continually furthering our knowledge and expertise, and we stay abreast of advancements in technology and techniques at all times. Over our 18 years of service, we have gained experience that is invaluable, and we use this to assist our customer going forward.

Quick Furnace Repairs

That dreaded day that your furnace gives up the ghost, is a thought that strikes fear in the hearts of many. It is an inconvenience and jeopardizes the comfort of your family. The cost implications are a worry, and something not included in your normal budget. 

Coombs is the service provider to call.

Our technicians are quickly able to assess where the damage lies, offer you an upfront quotation on the repair, and once the go-ahead is given, the turnaround time is exceptional. With the cold months on their way, this is one system you cannot be left without. Have those oddities checked out today and ensure warm, safe, and happy holidays for all.

Signs You Need to Call a Repairman

Many furnaces are operated using gas as the fuel, a fault within a gas furnace is not necessarily only an inconvenience, it can become a disaster that you never bargained on. Carbon monoxide is a killer. It is undetectable through smell, but if inhaled in large quantities, can be fatal to you and your family. Gas leaks can also cause explosions that could devastate your home, and leave you picking up the pieces. If you find your system is not offering you constant, warm air throughout your home, it is suddenly making noises that it doesn’t usually make, or it is simply switching on and off when it feels like it, it is time to call a repairman. Do so at the first sign of behavior that is out of the norm to prevent those repairs developing into something that cannot be remedied other than by replacement of the unit.

Contact Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning today. We have what it takes to get your Furnace Repair Service in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO  & Surrounding Areas done with speed and efficiency. Your furnace will be purring again in no time at all, providing your family with clean, warm, comfortable air.