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Heating Services & Furnace Repair In Elizabeth, Parker, Castle Rock, Kiowa, Aurora, Elbert, Englewood, Englewood, Centennial, Castle Pines, Colorado, and Surrounding Areas

When it is freezing outside, all we wish and look for is a warm place. Such pleasant weather boosts our productivity and reduces the amount of stress stored in the various parts of the body. This is done by installing a heating device. Before installing, we always tend to check the returns we get on our investments. Thus, we need to ensure that we install the best heating equipment which I apt for the location.

A heating system is a mechanical system that requires attention throughout its lifespan and we, at Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning, are on hand to provide all the services you require. If you are looking for the services of heating repair near you, Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning is the place to go.

Do you need heating installed or repaired in your home or business? Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning will meet your needs. We give outstanding service to the community and surrounding towns, such as Parker and Castle Rock. Your heating system will be treated with care; we also give 24-hour emergency service, so that you don’t need to suffer without heat.

Installing one of the available heating devices is not sufficient, but maintenance is also required for the proper functioning and increasing the equipment’s lifetime. Maintenance ensures proper functioning as well as keeps a check on the various parameters to prevent any mishap. 

To ensure this, we provide the service of installation, maintenance, and replacement. We serve residential HVAC, commercial HVAC, and New Construction HVAC.


Our HVAC repair company services all heating models, including Goodman, Trane, American Standard, and Bryant. When you schedule an appointment with us:

  • We will arrive at our destination in a timely manner.
  • Each system is built with a high degree of efficiency.
  • Every job we take on is completed effortlessly, and challenges do not deter us from servicing your home quickly.
  • Replacement of furnaces is also included, which transfers heat to circulate throughout the ducts.


If you prefer heating without ducts, we suggest a Mini-Split or Ductless HVAC for installation into the home or office areas. This system can use up to the equivalent of 8 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit. Here is supplemental information about ductless services:

  • They have no duct heat loss or gain within an indoor space.
  • These systems save money, as there is an ability to heat only one available area at a time.
  • A special feature for energy saving would be the variable speed compressor.
  • Ductless Mini Split installation is the best choice for a garage apartment or replacement of the general heating system.


If you need your old furnace changed out, Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning are efficient at installing a new one. Furnaces are reasonable, even though they are not cost-effective. We make sure that your heating system runs smoothly after the replacement. Duct maintenance and cleaning are also highly important; they maintain the normal regulation of airflow for the home and keep the quality of air at a high level.

Contact us to request an estimate, or call (303)-648-3602 for thorough maintenance on your heating system today!


At Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide many services. We help our customers in installing the devices and in the maintenance and other repairs required during the lifetime of the device.

  • Central HeatingHeating Services & Furnace Repair In Elizabeth, Parker, Castle Rock, Kiowa, Aurora, Elbert, Englewood, Englewood, Centennial, Castle Pines, Colorado, and Surrounding Areas
  • Heater Service
  • Heater Repair
  • Heater Inspection
  • Heater Installation
  • Heater Replacement
  • Heater Maintenance
  • Heater Tune-Up
  • Energy Efficient Heater
  • Ductless Heater Service
  • Ductless Heater Repair
  • Ductless Heater Installation
  • Ductless Heater Replacement
  • Ductless Heater Inspection
  • Ductless Heater Maintenance
  • Ductless Heater Tune-up
  • Mini-Split Heater Service
  • Mini-Split Heater Repair
  • Mini-Split Heater Installation
  • Mini-Split Heater Replacement
  • Mini-Split Heater Inspection
  • Mini-Split Heater Maintenance
  • Mini-Split Heater Tune-Up


  • Safety

One always tries to build a comfortable and safe environment around themselves. But with such heavy devices around, there is always a chance of leakage or some form of mishap. Thus, we ensure that there is no chance of leakage.

  • Lower your monthly bill

Everyone wants to save their money. Thus reducing the amount of energy consumed by the respective heating devices reduces the money spent. It is seen that a properly installed and well-maintained heating device can save up to 20% of energy. Thus, at Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning, we try to install the device in the best possible way to reduce the money spent.

  • Increase the lifetime

The quality of service that we provide at Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning helps increase a device’s lifetime. Without regular servicing, there is a chance of dust accumulation, which decreases the device’s performance and reduces the lifetime. 

  • Trustworthy

We have been in this business for over fifteen years now. Since then, we have provided the best heating devices and services related to them in Elizabeth, Parker, Castle Rock, CO, and the nearby areas.

  • Trained Technician

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and to ensure this. We only hire trained technicians as we want to provide the best service possible. We also ensure that it is easy for the customers to reach out to us for any assistance. 

  • Financing

 We don’t want our customers to return home empty-handed due to their tight budget. To provide a solution, we provide the service of financing. This helps the customer to enjoy the warmth of heating devices without affecting their budgets.

The above-stated reasons show why Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning provides the best heating service in Elizabeth, Parker, Castle Rock, CO. Reach us to avail of the best heating service in Elizabeth, CO.

Contact us today for all of your Heating Services in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO needs!