Home happiness tips for spring

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Springtime is here. It’s the season of renewal and new growth outdoors, why not extend that to your lifestyle at home. Would you change your habits around clutter? Would you spend more time together without the interruptions of cell phones and work responsibilities? Or would you look for ways to grow closer together through shared experiences? Here are some ideas that will help you on your path to accomplishing these goals. Our objective at Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning is to give homeowners the satisfaction and comfort they deserve each day. While we focus on installations and air conditioner repair in Elizabeth, CO, we thought these were some great ways to bring the blossoming effect of spring into your family life.

  • Take the time to plan a special family outing. Instead of setting up all the details for the kids and passively bringing them along on a trip you think they’d enjoy, bring them into the planning process. While you and your spouse are the adults with the final decision, you can help the kids think about logistics and get to have a say. Present several options that are all acceptable to you. For example, if you want to go on a weekend camping trip, have a handful of camps in mind that all work for you. The kids can research them with you or on their own and figure out the pros and cons. Work with them on the food you will pack and what essentials needed. Though you will probably spend more time deciding with the kids involved the first few times, you’ll teach them greater awareness and responsibility in the process. In time, they will know what needs to be done and take an active role in planning and packing with you.

Combos Heating amd Air Conditioning

  • Lighten the amount of clutter in your home with small steps. Never feel like you have to attack it all at once. This isn’t a solution and even if you succeed room by room, the clutter will return in time. To truly deal with clutter, you need to start looking at the habits of leaving items. Is it because they don’t have a place to be stored? Or the place to store the item is too out of reach? While some clutter can accumulate from laziness, a good majority comes from not having the right design for holding these items. Start in a small area of the home like the kitchen counter or entry table. See if you can add storage space or create a new route for the clutter items.
  •  Be fully present when it’s family time. For the regular activities at home like mealtimes, turn full focus onto your family members. Say thank you or compliment your son or daughter to show appreciation. Put down the cell phones and turn off the TV during these times to talk and more importantly listen to one another.

Family is so important, we hope these ideas are an inspiration to you. Make sure your family is comfortably cool at home for all of your quality time together. If it’s time for air conditioner repair in Elizabeth, CO, give the experts at Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning a call today at 303-648-3602.