It’s not what you say but how you say it

Combos Heating amd Air Conditioning

How many times have you gotten poor customer service? One of the things we’ve noticed at Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning is good service is getting harder to come by these days. When you’re shopping around the web for a contractor to do your air conditioning repair in Elizabeth, CO it can be hard to tell who will do the right job.

Experience service where we don’t just say the right things, but inspire your confidence. Let’s see the difference between most contractors and the Coombs approach with this simple exercise. We’ll use the same exact phrase but show you how our commitment to the job makes a huge difference in how it’s perceived.

Let’s say you called and booked an air conditioning repair in Elizabeth, CO with some random contractor. Here’s what happens:

Your contractor slowly walks to the door, his head held down looking at his slowly lumbering shoes. He’s got his hair in a mess and his shirt is untucked. He looks down, nervously clears his throat and reads a script from his clipboard. He seems to just want to get on with the job and get to the next one. Without a glimpse of eye contact, he reads, “Hi I’m Darren, I’m here to fix your AC today.”

Would you want this guy in your home?

When someone shows up lacking enthusiasm and looking disinterested and ill-prepared, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Now, this contractor may be alright, he may even do a good job, but he also might not really know what he’s doing without that clipboard in hand. You don’t get a lot of sense which way things will go.

Let’s take the same scenario with the Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning approach to earning your business:

Your contractor stands tall as he takes confident steps up to your door. His head is held high and his shoulders are back. He’s relaxed but looks professional with his hair neatly combed and his shirt tucked in. He’s got his clipboard in hand, but he’s familiar with his work and makes eye contact with you as you open the door. He looks happy to be of service and understands you may be concerned about whether or not your AC can be saved. He reaches his hand out to shake yours, saying, “Hi I’m Darren, I’m here to fix your AC today”.

Same words, different approach

Nothing changed in what he said, but the way he said it completely changes your impression, doesn’t it? At Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning, we know you have choices when it comes to who helps your family. We make that choice easy by showing you the care and interest you deserve.

Get high quality work from someone who is committed to helping your family and cares. Check out our customer reviews to see for yourself how we give you the options along with great service. If it’s time for your AC to get fixed, go with Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning for the great service your family deserves. Call us today for an air conditioning repair in Elizabeth, CO at 303-648-3602.