Keeping Your Home Cool And Your Budget Safe This Summer

Combos Heating amd Air Conditioning

During the winter, we tend to become like bears hiding out in the caves. As the season herald closes her curtains we start going outside and exploring just that little bit more.

As we get further into the spring we start getting hotter and find ourselves thinking golly it’s time to whip out that air conditioning unit!

What happens if you discover that your air conditioning unit isn’t working? Well, that would suck but you could always call in an AC repair service Elizabeth CO.

Those who are lucky enough to not be in this position may never have to be as long as they follow the safety maintenance tips listed below.

Maintenance Tips To Help You Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit In Tip-Top Shape

Looking for your air conditioning unit is not as difficult as many air conditioning services will try to convince you they are.

There are certainly easy to do things that you can do to help ensure your air conditioning unit works efficiently for as long as possible.

First Step – Turn Off The Power

For safety reasons no matter what you are doing with your air conditioning unit you should turn off the power first.

There should be an exterior power button on your air conditioning unit’s compressor.

Step Two – Remove Debris In And Around Your Air Conditioning Unit

The next step is fairly simple but important. Debris can cause blockages, which compromises both airflow and air quality through your cooling unit’s vents.

This is why it is important to remove all debris you encounter in and around your units infrastructure.

Step Three – Clean The Fins Of Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Compressor

With a garden hose spray the fins of your compressor units, which also looks like steel grating.

It is important not to use a high-pressure hose as this can cause damage to the fins, which will compromise the efficiency of the machine.

Final Step – Change The Filters

It is important to change your air conditioning units filters often. When replacing these filters you should remember to get filters that have the same ratings as the filters which are currently installed in the unit.

How Does This Guarantee My Unit Won’t Break

Did you notice something about all of these tips? No, we are not talking about them being easy but that they all share one common trait – it’s all about cleaning and caring for your air conditioning unit.

Many homeowners underestimate the impact that a dirty unit can have not only on the efficiency of the unit but also on your monthly utility bills as well as the air quality circulating your home.

At the same time, this only diminishes the chances that your unit won’t succumb to wear and tear. We recommend having an expert AC repair service Elizabeth CO on hand in case something happens. Nothing wrong with being prepared, right?

Well, we can certainly help you with the last tip all you have to do is contact us at 303-648-3602.