Learning the Language of Your Furnace Can Save You Big-Time On Repairs

Furnace repair in Elizabeth, CO

Furnace repair in Elizabeth, CO, isn’t always a welcome expense; we know that. Just like any of life’s issues, though, having issues with our home’s heating system is just bound to happen at some point or another. That being said, there are a few things you can do in order to maximize the lifetime of your furnace and get the most out of it while avoiding extremely costly repairs and replacements. One of these things is learning how to diagnose the different odd sounds your furnace makes when it’s acting up. Let’s take a look at a few of these noises, and break down what each one means for you.

Loud banging noise on startup

This noise could indicate a few different troublesome issues with your system’s health. For one thing, you might be dealing with expanding and contracting air ducts, especially if yours are metal. When your furnace first initiates, the air causes the vents to shift a bit, sometimes resulting in a pop or banging sound of sorts. There’s also the possibility that you have a dirty furnace burner or igniter. This means that it is taking longer for the igniter to catch, letting gas build up in your heat exchanger. This causes a small explosion, which can actually be a health hazard in certain circumstances. For instance, if it cracks the heat exchanger, you might be looking at some possible issues with carbon monoxide leaks, alongside a very pricey repair.

Rough, scraping sound

This sound can be very unpleasant, almost as if metal is scraping on metal. The blower wheel itself is the usual culprit for this malady, and even a small issue can turn into an expensive repair very quickly if the issue isn’t controlled. If you start hearing this sound, turn your furnace off immediately and give us a call. We will be able to come assess the damage and recommend an affordable solution for you and your family. It could be as simple as the blower wheel being too loose, in which case all we’d have to do is tighten the piece itself (as long as there is no damage to it). If it is damaged, however, the whole assembly might be shaking, creating the unpleasant sound you are hearing.

Furnace repair in Elizabeth, CO

Whining noise during operation

A high pitched, whining noise coming from your furnace might indicate that you have shaft bearings that are needing to be oiled. It may also indicate a further issue with your blower wheel, or perhaps the motor itself. In any case, a quick tune-up can usually fix this rather quickly.

No matter what noise you’re hearing, anything out of the ordinary should be followed up on immediately. Trust us, it’ll save you massively in the long run. If you’re needing quality furnace repair in Elizabeth, CO, give us a call at Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning today. We offer free consultations, so reach out today at (303) 648-3602! We look forward to serving you.