Narrowing down the price and options for a new air conditioner

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When you know it’s almost time for a new AC and you’re starting the search, it can easily become overwhelming. First, how much does it cost to get air conditioning installation in Elizabeth, CO ? You know it will take an investment, but having some of the initial research done will help move the process along. Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning has put together this starting guide to help.

The first thing to consider is the type of air conditioner you want for your home. You want something that will work well without going over budget.

Window Units

This is probably the cheapest price upfront, because window units are small and don’t require professional installation. They are good at cooling down a small area or single room. Try to cool a whole house though, and expect the unit to be running constantly and doing a poor job at that. They also will cost the most in electric bills to run unless you have a very small home to cool. Verdict: These are best for renters who are often away from home or live in a small place.

Central air

With a duct system cycling air throughout the house and often a heating system combined with it, central air and HVAC units are the most common choice on the market for homeowners. They do a great job cooling the whole house and don’t skyrocket energy bills. These are best to install while building a home. If you don’t have ductwork through your home, this additional cost may push you to also consider ductless, split-system units, too. Bottom line: central air systems are a great choice for single family homes and will make resale easy in the future. They are the most affordable and effective option for homeowners who already have existing ductwork in their home, so if you’re replacing an older central air unit, you really should check out what else is on the market.

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Ductless and split air units

Currently, ductless systems are becoming the trend worldwide. They take out the problems of improperly sized central air units and offer easy installation. When you’ve had the experience of huge temperature variations from room to room, you will appreciate the targeted approach ductless offers. You’ve probably seen a ductless unit before and not known it. They are small, usually white plastic rectangular units mounted on the wall in hotel rooms and some businesses. They offer immediate cooling precisely targeted to one room or zone. There’s a higher upfront cost with split systems when you’re installing many of them into a home or office building, but they offer extremely high efficiency. Verdict: For a very small home or a home without ducts, you enjoy bigger energy savings with a ductless system. If you’ve had a lot of issues with temperature variations at home, you could install a ductless system in a room that never seems to get cool, possibly saving more money than replacing your entire system.

Keep in mind installation cost, too. A window unit could cost as low as $150 while a central air system including installation could average anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 depending on the size and efficiency of the model.

If you’re in the market and need more help determining the type, size, and brand of AC for you, call Coombs Heating & Air Conditioning at 303-648-3602. We are experts in air conditioning installation in Elizabeth, CO.