Radiant Floor Heating Service in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO & Surrounding Areas

It is absolutely astounding how heating systems have advanced over the years. Radiant heating is amazing in that it creates such a warm and cozy atmosphere without you even knowing that the heating system is present. There are no noisy radiators, no vents distributing air, yet, you home is toasty warm. If your in need of Radiant Floor Heating Service in Elizabeth, Parker & Castle Rock, CO, Coombs is the way to go.

Radiant Floor Heating ServiceRadiant Floor Heating Service

Coombs Heating and Air Conditioning have been in operation since 1998. We have had 18 years to develop into the formidable master we are today. We are more than adequate in every part of heating and cooling. We have changed and developed with advancements in the industry,and have undertaken to learn every new technique and product, as it has become available. Radiant heating is something we have embraced, and offer our customers on a daily basis.

Qualified and Trained Technicians

Our technicians are fully-certified, qualified, and trained to undertake whatever task is put before them. We regularly provide training on new aspects in the industry, and each and every one of our technicians prides themselves on developing their own skills to meet the demands of our customer base.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating has become more popular of late. Underfloor heating provides comfort without the noise. Radiant heating is somewhat more efficient than forced air systems as it eliminates duct heat loss. Radiant heating provides heat, but eliminates the instance of allergens being distributed throughout the home. Forced air systems often carry and distribute allergens if the ducting has not been kept immaculately clean. Radiant floor heating is a reality and one that can be easily achieved with us. Technological advancements have allowed this innovative idea to become one that is readily available and within your grasp. Call us today and feel the efficiency of radiant floor heating, and witness the cost saving power of radiant.  

Liquid Based Floor Heating

Liquid based radiant floor heating is cost effective and makes use of very little electricity. There are a number of heat sources available for these systems. You need only call us to make inquiries into which would best suit your home. Other types of radiant floor heating include air-heated and electric radiant floor heating. Liquid based radiant floor heating is perfect for homes that are off the grid and rely on solar heating as a means of power.

Radiant Floor is Easily Adjustable

Radiant floor heating is perfect for use in a variety of situations. Whether you require that warm, cozy feeling in your home, to keep your livestock warm in the Winter in the barn, or even sports arenas where crowds gather to enjoy sports or events which often take place during the colder months. Radiant floor heating is completely universal in use and easily adjustable to suit any area. There are a variety of applications and each varies considerably from the other. Whether you have a concrete slab floor or plywood floor, radiant floor heating is within your grasps.

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